Return to the Roots

Return to the Roots or RttR is an open source add-on type of remake of The Settlers II. This means it requires the original game files in order to work as Ubisoft did not give Settlers Freaks (the group developing RttR) a permission to redistribute the files. This means you need The Settlers II: Gold Edition for RttR to work.

Return to the Roots
Return to the Roots supports multiple operating systems, being playable on Windows 7, Vista & XP as well as Mac OS X and Linux. RttR adds a few features from limiting the total amount of catapults a player can build to fully working Internet multiplayer. Playing in Internet Lobby requires you to register at RttR forums, but you can also setup Direct IP games. AI is also in development, but the main attraction at the moment is the multiplayer. There is no single player campaign at the moment.

Download & community

You can find latest stable releases and nightly builds at RttR download page.

How to help

Settlers Freaks is always interested of new developers, and there are other kind of interesting projects such as “New People” based on Babylonians that needs working hands with graphics. There is also some interest at creating new “Settlers II like” graphics and sounds, but at the moment of writing this there is not yet enough people to get this done anytime soon.

Note: RttR is a project started by German fans. This means a lot of the existing discussion has been in German and some parts of their site is also available only in German. However they are open for “internationalization” so you are free to write in English on their site.


Source code is available at Launchpad, you need Bazaar to download the history & source. The initial download will be huge, over 700 MB!

Bugs & feature suggestions

You can report bugs here, improvement suggestions are welcome at the forums.

Translation & proof reading

The game language strings are changeable at Launchpad. You need to register there to be able to do new suggestions. The English language is in need of a native level speaker to correct mistakes! RttR developer needs to accept your suggestions before they are used in the game, so it is a good idea to go to their IRC channel, forum, or otherwise let them know you’ve done changes to your chosen language.