The Settlers Map Generator

Create random maps for The Settlers II and RttR!

This is an old version! Also check out the current version!

Map View

  1. Compatible with both Settlers II and RttR!

A seed will determine the general shape of the land created. Everything else that will be done after seed will be based on what the seed tells. Only a few things will not depend on it (such as random noise or player placement).

Unlike other map generators the seed in this generator is the size of the map. This gives you a lot of potential for creating a great variety of different kinds of maps with the same tool and same generic rules that are applied based on the seed.

  • Determines where starting points are randomized at.
  • Smaller amount generates less, but bigger land masses. Less points also give less roughness.
  • Cover atleast this much area.
  • Fill rates (1 - 999)
    These control the land expansion when it is randomly expanding. #1 and #2 often control roughness, #3 and #4 can guarantee flat level areas to exist at some parts of the map.

    Super flat: 1, 1, 999, 999, 999, 999 (1 - 30 starting points)
    Mars: 1, 999, 500, 500, 500, 500 (1 - 30 starting points)

Height map determines the flatness or roughness of the map. Water is placed on the Base Level, while mountains are determined with their own logic. In the next step you can choose what will actually represent "water" and what will be "land". Mountains are such a hard requirement in the game that you can't directly replace them with another texture.

  • Extra difference in height to areas dedicated for water, resulting in higher coasts when value is bigger.
  • Unplayable map due to too big height differences? This post-processing will solve that for you.
  • Use this to get rid of uninteresting totally flat terrain.
  • When applying noise, also use it on texture that is set as the "water" texture?

Here you can control the general appearance, feel and playability of the map via textures. You can choose between three different terrains and control representation of general "land" and "water" areas. For instance, you can replace water with lava or prefer savannah over meadows.

  • The default habitable and arable texture to use in the ground.
  • Texture that works as flat surface. Some of these textures become more interesting in The Settlers II when using Merri's New Greenland.
  • This is a simple rule for generating mountains. Desert tiles are preserved.
  • If not enabled textures are painted around map edges so that making roads around the edges is not possible.

Nothing special here: just set the number of players and the engine attempts to generate as many players as you want.

  • How close should it be possible for another player to be randomized?

Sorry, no customization options available at this time.

TODO: shortest route to happy jh
  1. Generate WLD/SWD file
  2. Add support for downloading the file

TODO: shortest route to playable maps
  1. Ability to set textures
  2. Set initial base textures (water and mixed meadow)
  3. Calculate building sites
  4. Determine mountain areas and set mountain textures
  5. Add players to random positions
  6. Add random forests and granite
  7. Add mountain resources and water and fish
  8. Calculate other information required by The Settlers II

TODO: Go open source: GitHub!

Once the TODO list above is complete... we are out of alpha and then good enough for GitHub.

TODO: Other features
  • Add animals
  • Add decorative objects
  • Support for Wasteland and Winter World textures
  • Adjustable texture selection and rules for texture usage
  • Harbors
  • Know if every player can encounter every other player
  • Further texture support: deserts, snow, swamps...
  • Intelligent texture, tree and granite placement
  • Intelligent resource placement
  • Virtual playing: see how easily a player can expand and how easily will get in touch with other players
  • Challenge indicator for a player
  • Adjustable challenge per player

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