The Settlers


  • Changing world type here makes a direct texture mode change. This may give odd results such as "floating ice on water" tile appearing on top of mountains that used to have snow there.
  • Players: 0
  • Player 1: - x -
  • Player 2: - x -
  • Player 3: - x -
  • Player 4: - x -
  • Player 5: - x -
  • Player 6: - x -
  • Player 7: - x -
  • Animals: 0


Oh, there is really nothing here...

Height randomization

Minor changes to the heights, safe for castles.

Stronger changes to the heights, you may lose castle sites.

Quite strong changes to the heights, it is likely to lose castle sites.

It is unlikely any castle site can handle this processing!


You can see raw map data here.

Unfortunatenaly the Map Database has not yet been implemented. As a temporary solution here you can see snapshot of any uploaded files.

Download Title Author Players Terrain
ARCTIC.SWD Arktis Unbekannt 5 Winter World
353_169_ARCTIC.SWD Arktis Unbekannt 5 Winter World
169_ARCTIC.SWD Arktis Unbekannt 5 Winter World
ATLANTIS.SWD Atlantis NBG 5 Greenland
atomIIfix.swd Atomium II FIX NastX 6 Greenland
AufBreiter.swd Auf breiter Front Giant Hubertus 4 Greenland
BAGEL5_.SWD Bagel 5 NastX 4 Greenland
ALASKA.SWD Big C WinterInsel NBG 2 Winter World
bigslaugh2.swd Big Slaughter v2 Vesanus 7 Greenland
brandflecko.swd Brandfleck Giant Hubertus 4 Wasteland
coofde.swd Coast of Death Spikeone 3 Greenland
CROSWORD.SWD Crosword MB 6 Greenland
HILLIOUS.SWD DemDerHills MB 6 Greenland
dv016rmp.swd Demo V016 rmp BlueByte/Spikeone 2 Greenland
dv102rmp.swd Demo V102 rmp BlueByte/Spike 3 Greenland
dv102rmp.swd Demo V102 rmp BlueByte/Spike 3 Greenland
DIVIDED2.SWD Divided War Kinsfolk 3 Greenland
JH - Doppelt Bedroht.swd Doppelt Bedroht jh 3 Winter World
downsta.wld Downstairs Spikeone 4 Greenland
dreamland.swd Dreamland Giant 4 Greenland
000.SWD Drei Vulkane Jürgen 3 Greenland
Drei_Vulkane.swd.gz Drei Vulkane Jürgen 3 Greenland
Earth3.swd.gz Earth3 Eichler & Daxer 4 Winter World
SPIRALE.SWD Glücksspirale Christian Marz 4/97 7 Greenland
HILLFORT.SWD Hillforts MB 6 Greenland
Hunter's_______________.swd.gz Hunter's Kantor 3 Greenland
Hunters________________.swd.gz Hunters Kantor 3 Greenland
MISS203.WLD IV - On the high seas Blue Byte 3 Greenland
JUNGLE.SWD Jungle MB 7 Greenland
JUSTDSRT.SWD JustDeserts MB 5 Greenland
KOTS.swd King of The Sea Vesanus 7 Greenland
LAKELAND.SWD Lakeland MB 4 Greenland
Landung.wld Landung Spike(C-Kühnel) 3 Greenland
LANDUNG2.swd Landung2 Spike(one) 4 Greenland
Landung3.swd Landung3 Spikeone* 7 Greenland
LINEAR.SWD Linear MB 7 Greenland
LONGISLE.SWD LongIsle MB 5 Greenland
RINGLORD.SWD Lord of the Ring MB 6 Greenland
MAZE.SWD Maze MB 4 Greenland
MTNMAZE.SWD MtnMaze MB 6 Greenland
ohneweg.wld Ohne Weg Spike 2 Wasteland
pangea.wld Pangea Spikeone 7 Greenland
pathfin01.wld Pathfinding_01 Spikeone 4 Greenland
PATROUB2.SWD Pine Apple Trouble Vesa Piittinen 7 Greenland
PLATEAU.SWD Plateaus MB 5 Greenland
Rtribes.swd River Tribes Vesanus 3 Greenland
BUTTRFLY.SWD Schmetterling Irmgard Rennecke 6 Greenland
SETTLAND.SWD Settland Isles MB 5 Greenland
TISLAND1.wld Teamisland1 Spike(one) 6 Greenland
Trio.swd Trio Giant 3 Greenland
XY_.SWD Untitled Tom 6 Greenland
Untitled.swd Untitled Merri'sMapGenerator 7 Greenland
V_-_In_the_wasteland.swd.gz V - In the wastelan Blue Byte 3 Wasteland
MISS204.WLD V - In the wastelan Blue Byte 3 Wasteland
VALLEYS.SWD Valleys MB 2 Greenland
MISS206.WLD VII - The snake Blue Byte 2 Greenland
MISS206.WLD VII - The snake Blue Byte 2 Greenland
MISS207.WLD VIII - Sea routes Blue Byte 3 Greenland
WAGE_0_3.SWD Wagenradfin NastX 5 Greenland
Weihnachtsinsel0.7.SWD Weihnachtsinseln NastX 4 Greenland
WILDS.SWD Wilds MB 6 Greenland
MISS209.WLD X - The Last Gate Blue Byte 3 Greenland

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