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Important milestone!

The map generator now generates maps that are playable right away in RttR! Resources, trees and granite are now placed on the map so there is something to play with. Some final touches are still needed to make sure the compatibility with old game is established. In the meanwhile the original Map Editor can be used to load and then save the map and then the map becomes playable in the original game as well!

Once the project can save proper maps that also work on S2 directly with no assistance from an another tool I will put it on GitHub. Hopefully there are developers out there with a passion for better experiences 🙂 There are many things that can be improved and I can’t wait to see ideas other than my own that make up a good map generator!

Generate maps!

It’s been a long time

I’m quite exhausted right now. But I’ve had a lot of fun, although a bit of hard and frustrating time.

Finally after all these years I’ve done a proper beginning for a new Map Generator!

See the Pen Map Generator for The Settlers II by Vesa Piittinen (@Merri) on CodePen.8075

I recommend opening it on a new page instead of the above!

It is still in very early stages, but it creates a height map that looks just awesome. And it can be customized quite a bit already. So pretty maps, must click for more… One… More… Map!

Another “minor” update

This time around we’ve switched over to the 2013 default WordPress theme. Nothing overwhelmingly exciting, but atleast we have a fresh look. Color and other adjustments might be done later on. Mostly I wanted to get rid of broken design as some update within the past year broke the earlier theme.

Minor site update

We’ve switched to Disqus comments. At the moment it seems the old comments don’t yet appear, but they should (as I exported them). Hopefully they do.

Other than that I hope the new comments system works better than the native WordPress one.

On real life news I’ve finally caught myself a developer job. As a result I’m moving to Helsinki soon and generally things are good. I just lack the usual time to do all the stuff I’d like to do 🙂

Work again drains my energy

So the effects of summer holidays have worn off: I’m back to having busy days at work, so busy that I’m tired when I’m on my free time. This includes weekends which are largely spent resting. Unlike last year and year before that I’m not taking any pressure. I know I’ll have some easier time sooner or later. I’m also learning to going bed early. I don’t know when I get my first week that I’ve slept properly each day, but eventually it happens. I hope the cumulative effect of having enough sleep also means I have more energy, enough to do programming during my free time.

In the meanwhile you’ll get these random minor updates like the YouTube one or new replacement buildings.

Safe building palette

In this palette image any color that is different between Greenland, Wasteland or Winter World has been “disabled” by marking it in magenta (color ID 254). Useful if you want to draw new buildings for original game that look exactly the same in each environment.

Here is Charburner in Safe Palette: