The Settlers II Archives

Welcome to the Archives! Here you can find all sorts of preserved content you can download.

Maps Database is hopefully coming in the nearish future (this written on September 6th 2021). You can come through online channels and remind me I’ve “promised” this for the last 10 years.

Official releases

The Settlers II: Gold Edition

Gold Edition cover

  • PC CD-ROM: German V1.51, dated 1997-??-?? (my backup claims 1998-12-10, likely not correct)
  • PC CD-ROM: English V1.51, dated 1997-04-18
  • English V1.51, released 2009-08-21

Gold Edition renames Free Play as Unlimited Play and New Campaign is renamed as World Campaign. The CD also includes 130 fan made maps.

Essentially the Gold Edition DEMO is identical to the Mission CD counterpart with mostly title screen differences.

The Settlers II: Mission CD

Mission CD cover

  • PC CD-ROM: German V1.50, dated 1996-??-?? (my backup claims 1997-01-03, likely not correct)
  • PC CD-ROM: English V1.50, dated 1996-11-20

Mission CD removed ability to build harbors in Free Play mode, but introduced a “New Campaign”, new selection screen for Free Play maps and a Map Editor. Demo version’s map editor was limited to 15 minutes of use and could not save. THUNDER cheat was changed to WINTER.

Trivia! The German V1.51 update archive also included a full version Map Editor, meaning simply by downloading a Gold Edition demo and then copying S2EDIT.EXE from the Mission CD V1.51 update you would have had a limitless map editor in your hands! Also with some effort you could play any custom SWD map instead of the first campaign mission.

The Settlers II: Veni Vidi Vici

Veni Vidi Vici cover

  • PC CD-ROM: German V1.0, dated 1996-04-09
  • PC CD-ROM: English V1.02, dated 1996-05-05
  • PC CD-ROM: French V1.02, dated 1996-05-15