World Editor wishlist

I’ve been working on the World Editor slowly but steadily and it now boosts a few new features!

  1. You can drag’n’drop CNTRL###.DAT together with CONTI###.DAT and WORLD###.DAT to merge them into a map.
  2. You can make the above a game compatible map by toggling the new “Keep only SWD/WLD compatible data”!
  3. Animal processing has been improved: if animals are found in block that are not in the footer, they are added to footer when downloading SWD/WLD.

There have also been some bug fixes and improvements. Savegame decompression routine now accounts some files missing one byte of data in compression. There is maybe a bug in the original game’s compression routine.

The wishlist

I’ve been thinking about features I’d like to implement and also asked for some thoughts over at RttR Discord.

So here are some of the things to implement:

  • Flip map vertically, horizontally
  • Rotate map
  • Expand map size (add new empty space)
  • Double map width & height
  • Remove inaccessible resources (granite that can’t be collected, fish that can’t be caught)
  • Increase animal populations
  • Remove all trees, remove all granite
  • Add forest, add granite
  • Change mineral composition per mountain

You may be able to have effect on which things get implemented first by throwing comments! But overall I keep doing what I can when I can, and avoid getting too much burden.