Happy 25th Anniversary!

Oktavianus on a horse The original Die Siedler II: Veni Vidi Vici hit the store shelves on August 31st 1996! 25 years is a long time. During the years Return to the Roots has kept on continuing the legacy of the game by expanding it with online multiplayer, new features, and new content. And of course The Settlers II 10th Anniversary was released some 15 years ago, but in retrospective it failed to catch the charm of the original game, and followed it too soon after while being incompatible.

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What will the upcoming years bring? It is hard to say. In recent years we’ve seen many more remakes from the same era which have been more successful, such as Command & Conquer Remastered and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Of course these games were much more popular back in the day, too. We know we still have people interested about the game, especially in Germany. And even this site gets the occasional update!

Maybe there is still a slot for a lighthearted economy simulator in old fashioned 2D pixelated graphics style? A game where the focus is more on building infrastructure and see your people do their daily routines. A mashup of The Settlers II and, I don’t know, Animal Crossing maybe?