Map Generator has been fixed

I’m not sure how long things were broken, but Map Generator’s download feature has been fixed. Alongside that I’ve fixed HTTPS related issues and warnings. As an additional reminder the maps generated are fully usable with S2EDIT and it is a good idea to decorate the maps further using it :)

I haven’t had a lot of time for this game in the past five years as I’ve had a lot of focus in my other hobby projects, such as Civilization VI Finnish localization, and recently HoMM III Finnish localization as well. There has been some changes in my life as well, I now have a house and a wife.

While I haven’t really done anything in the past five years I still have the map generator on my mind every now and then. I might some day continue the development and finally fix some of the core issues it has, such as lack of a proper seed value so that you could always generate the same map from given seed and options.

Have a nice summer!