DOSBox emulation soon viable in a browser!

Internet Archive has published quite a few MS-DOS games on their website, ready to be played! Some of the notable titles include Jazz the Jackrabbit, Commander Keen 5, Tyrian and Stunts. Yup, there is no Settlers II, at least not yet.

However since things are looking quite good there is a possibility for the future: it may be possible to generate maps and run an immediate trial of it on demo version of The Settlers II right here on this site! I hope things advance nicely during this year so that DOSBox running in a browser no longer lags too much and won’t cut music as much as it does now. Mouse may also be a bit of an issue right now, at least it didn’t follow my actions properly when I tried to play Triplane Turmoil.

Anyway, great new possibilities are clearly going to happen this year, or soon enough!

Happy New Year 2015 to everyone!