Bug fixes and added features

Online Editor has been updated. Updates since yesterday:

  • Fixed: mining resources disappeared “randomly” due to incorrect Y-location in the resource validation routine.
  • New: height randomizer has been updated to provide much richer options (gentle, medium, strong and dangerous).
  • Performance of some of the routines has been improved at the cost of more memory consumption (max. 4 MB more).
  • Editor’s user interface is now prettier.
  • Debug feature: you can now see the raw map data as an image.

Issues found since Sunday:

  • Downloading a huge map doesn’t work. This is a server side / PHP issue, the PHP code needs to be improved for memory efficiency.
  • Downloaded file doesn’t no longer gets decompressed by browser automagically. The file remains GZIP compressed after file transfer. This shouldn’t happen.
  • Setting player’s leader in the editor doesn’t change the leader (note: this change would be only visible if the map is loaded as a World Campaign mission).