The map generator is back!

The download page finally re-introduces the map generator I had fully forgotten to include back in late 2009 when I remade the site last time and made the new design. The map generator really makes your life easier if you love making maps but are bothered on how long it takes to draw the landmass!

That is not the only change. There are now detailed information on each building in the game. The datasheet page gives the hard facts, but the guide page instead gives tips and tricks related to a specific building. Some buildings have less special information, but others such as forester, or especially harbor, have so much more than might cross your mind. I do recommend reading it all through!

I still have ideas and material for writing more guide pages as well as good tips, and then there is a huge amount of information when we go to changing the game files… I’ve already told how you can write your own language packs, but there really is a lot more, such as how to make your own missions and eventually complete campaigns.

I’ve also been gathering a lot of old files, mostly on German sites that used to exist but no longer do. Expect FANpaign, 2NDpaign and another Octavianus campaign to come at some point in the future!