Welcome to the new Settlers II.net!

After some considering I have now updated the site to run under a WordPress. This means others (that means you!) are able to join in and bring more information, and you can leave comments and questions directly to the site. Making an account is as simple as logging in with your Facebook account!

To remind on what used to be on the front page:

Buying the game

GOG.com has the game available downloadable with an easy to use installer. The price is small (9.99 USD) and the game installs fine on Windows 7, Vista & XP.

Those who don’t want to pay can find various demos and instructions how to get the game to work with DOSbox on the download page.

Fan activity

The Settlers II has a lot of fan activity for it’s age. There are two separate fan projects with different kind of approach. The Settlers II.5 - Return To The Roots is a newer project that is strong in multiplayer. It also fixes some oddities of the original game, such as prevents destroying your military building before it is captured. Widelands is another project that is merely hugely inspired by The Settlers II. The game mechanics are the same, but it is very much a new game. RttR instead uses the same familiar graphics and interface and thus you must have the original game.