The Babylonians

This is a project for creating a new people to play with in Return to the Roots. It was started by Spike and it has contributions by Parasit.

The new people is inspired by the Babylonian culture.

Visit RttR’s The New People Forum

Buildings Overview (2012)

Buildings Overview (2011)


Military Buildings Comparison

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  • David

    I can’t wait to overwhelm and destroy the Babilonians. I like the concept of the new “race”, but I really don’t like the blue buildings. You did nothing wrong, it’s just me.

  • Spikeone

    try em ingame and you will love em, I saw many ppl thinking like you do, but ingame it looks really cool, trust me, I am forcing someone to implement the button for the new race (that every change could be used in game by everyone doing nothing than updating^^)

  • Robert

    So, can I play against them yet?

    • Merri

      To my knowledge they haven’t been added into the game yet. All the buildings are now complete so there isn’t much in the way of adding it to RttR. Animated soldiers are missing though.

    • Spikeone

      You can replace all graphics (when you use RttR) at the moment, this already works. I still have to do the Icons and the Soldier graphics (merri already said that). When this is finished I will make a version to replace graphics in the original game and a version for RttR (Maybe the will be added using Lua).

  • Ludvig

    This is some really awesome stuff! I just found this website but cool! Will RttR work if my game is run through Dos? or does that not matter all I need are the gamefiles?

    • Merri

      All you need are the game files, RttR is rewritten entirely from scratch to run in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X ­čÖé

      • Ludvig

        Even more awesome! 0.o Do you guys need help with anything? I don’t know how to program well and I pretty much suck at photoshop etc. but i just have a strong urge to help you guys.

        • Make some advertisment, test bugs and report them and… yeah just be an active player and community member I think, this helps most ­čÖé


    here a link where all viking buildings are compared with the babylonian buildings

  • Milanium

    This looks perfect. I would love to see this included into mainline RttR as it seems to support addons and such.

  • Spikeone

    I just want to announce, that the babylonians are actually added in the latest nightly builds of rttr – means you just need a newer version than rev9200 and you will be able to play the babylonians. Just keep in mind, they are still ‘WIP’