Map for download

Just to display some of the invisible progress of the past days: more texturing features on Greenland maps.

Very Nice!

  • Alian Wane


    Thanks for this tool, it’s great! I generated a few maps recently and I really love it!

    I have the 10th year anniversary edition of Settlers II, and never had a problem, i just had to save it with the editor and everything worked fine.

    But now, for some reason, when I open a map in the editor, i got most of the grass area moving like water… like some kind of swamp… and can’t build anything on top of it 🙁

    • Great that you like it! Smaller maps do have too many swamps at the moment until I adjust the generator settings to work more dynamically based on map size as well as bring back settings that are now unavailable.

      I’ll try to do the needed changes today so that these issues won’t bug for too long.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • The problem should now be solved.

      • Alian Wane


        Yes, seems much better now 🙂 anyway I’ll wait for the settings to come back, I don’t like the swamp at all xD I still have lots of good maps from the previous version… You pretty much gave me enough to grow tired of Settlers before ever running out of new maps to try 🙂

        Great work!

  • Anna Kielec

    Hi! I wonder if anyone is checking this site and will answer me 😀
    I downloaded many GREAT maps from this site, the best is King Of The Sea, but I can not send the expedition :/

    When I put “35_KOTS.swd” file into WORLDS directory and start it as “unlimited game” – then I can not change type of ship at the shipyard (it can produce only small boats).

    When I change name from “35_KOTS.swd” into “Miss207.wld” and put that file to “S2> Data> Maps” directory and start the map from “Roman campain” as “VIII – Sea Routes” then I can change the type of ship to build, but that big ship (Neptune) doesn`t want to take expedition materials from the harbour :/ (looks like the ship does not see the harbour)

    Can anyone can help me with that please? 😀

    • Hubert Korzeniowski

      Cześć Ania! It happens sometimes, even on game maps like On the high Seas, I don’t know why this happens but here is what i would try on your place:
      1# tried playing this map on same spot not changing anything, just trying it again.
      – make sure that all requirements are in harbour (like 8 stones 8 woods and a constructor person) also don’t start expedicion until ship is already built
      – does this map gives you allowance to second spot where you can build harbour? try building second harbour, also make second ship in some other distant place
      – maybe there is something evil with place of this first harbour, like it is blocked somehow we can’t see,
      2# You can try exchanging with chapter 4 and chapter 6 , maybe this will miracilly solve Your problem

      • Anna Kielec

        No czesc Hubert, dzięki za odpowiedź 😀

        It`s english – language site so I`ll write that comment in english as well.

        It`s a shame, but none on Your suggestions worked :/
        The materials are in the harbour, I`m pressing that “send expedition” button after “Neptune” ship is ready, but it still looks like the ship does not see the harbour :/

        That map has only one spot for the harbour…
        I also tried already to exchange with chapter 4 and chapter 6 but… nothing :/

        Oh well :/ I will just give up 🙁

        Take care Hubert 🙂

    • Salamoun Hloupy

      Hi, I think I know the answer. It is probably not possible to play this map on standard settlers (at least it seems if there is no any change in map itself). But if you will download “settelrs 2 rttr” this map is in and does work (one of “sea” map).

    • Lisa Nauen

      Hey! I uploaded a new cool and challenging map: Hunter’s
      Have Fun!