Minor site update

We’ve switched to Disqus comments. At the moment it seems the old comments don’t yet appear, but they should (as I exported them). Hopefully they do.

Other than that I hope the new comments system works better than the native WordPress one.

On real life news I’ve finally caught myself a developer job. As a result I’m moving to Helsinki soon and generally things are good. I just lack the usual time to do all the stuff I’d like to do 🙂

  • <3 Disqus 😀 and congrats that you found a nice job!

  • heatEXTEND

    congrats on the job 😀

  • David Salvan

    https://www.facebook.com/s25rttr?fref=ts its your group on FB ? no news

    • Nope, I don’t know who is responsible for it. Who has the control should add more peole as admins to that group, I guess, preferably active RttR forum members.