Safe building palette

In this palette image any color that is different between Greenland, Wasteland or Winter World has been “disabled” by marking it in magenta (color ID 254). Useful if you want to draw new buildings for original game that look exactly the same in each environment.

Here is Charburner in Safe Palette:

  • Arivald

    Hello, this post is quite old, but I’m interested in making some new buildings and want to start it right. Is there any tutorial for it? Please contact me ­čśë

    • Sorry, there are no tutorials. For painting you need to find a program that allows for paletted (8-bit, 256 color) editing. I’ve used the very old Paint Shop Pro 7 for this job, but there are other tools as well.

      After crafting the building you’ll need to convert them into a format that the game understands, but I don’t have the details of this on the top of my head. They’ve done the Babylonians to RttR, but I guess they didn’t bother to figure out how to convert images to the custom LST or IDX/DAT format that the game uses. Haven’t checked though.

      Over time this kind of stuff *might* become possible to do with online tools, but it’ll probably take a lot of time to get into anything usable.

      Anyway, it should be enough to get started with drawing and then just keep going. You’ll probably do some things wrong at some point anyway, but it can’t be helped since there are no premade answers.